If you are planning to gift something to an elderly person and if you are looking for gifts that would be useful, you are on the right page. We have done very interesting research with 100 senior citizens to come up with this list of 20 best gifts for elderly people.

So, if you select from our list, there is almost no chance that you will go wrong.


Our Research to Find Useful Gifts for Elderly People 

Getting gifts for the loved ones is a simple task but not a very easy one, especially when it comes to finding a gift for elderly people. Their age might make you think that they already have everything that they love or would want to possess, but there’s always something that can put a smile on their faces or something that can make their life a little easier.

But as you know options and galore and it is not really easy to find the best ones without spending a lot of time and risking going wrong. So, to solve this puzzle, we did a simple yet powerful study. We reached out to 100 elderly people and asked them one simple question.

“Tell us one gift that you found most useful in recent times”

We got 100 different answers. All of them are something that they found to be the most useful gift. After removing the duplications and the ones that are not available today we compiled this list of top 20 gifts for old people that they themselves found to be most useful.

So, before you go through our list, be sure about a few facts. All of these are loved. They are all found to be very useful. all these clear the clutter and make a space in their mind showing your love and concern for them. So, now without wasting any more time lets get to the list.



Useful Gifts for the Elderly; 20 Best Ideas From Elderly People Themselves 

We are presenting all the ideas that we compiled from the research and presenting them to you in no particular order. So, Here we go.


#1 Back and Neck Massager

Personally, I feel this back and neck massager from Zyllion Shiatsu is a great gift for elderly people. This helps relieve sore muscles, aching joints and other kinds of the pain helping them to relax. It is designed ergonomically and hence can be placed anywhere with ease providing ultimate comfort to your loved ones.



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#2 Foot Massager

With six massage heads and 18 rotating massager nodes, it relaxes the muscles, releases tension and regulates the circulatory system.

This is a great gift to go for if you are looking for some gifting ideas for older adults. It is extremely safe, easy to operate and most importantly very light in weight which makes it portable. These designing features make it a great gift for elderly people and they can use it anywhere and everywhere.



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#3 Heated Throw Blanket

Nothing can be more comfortable and snug like this heated throw blanket for anyone, especially for elderly people. This would be a very thoughtful, useful and heart-warming gift for them this holiday season.

Being machine-washable and dryer-safe taking care of them is no hassle. And there’s nothing to worry- it comes with a controller with which they can adjust the heat easily according to their requirements.



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#4 Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

With soft sunrise stimulation, this wake-up light alarm clock is a great gift for your beloved older adults. This tap to snooze alarm clock with speaker and beep function ensures they wake up naturally. It is also clinically proven which certifies that this helps people to wake up refreshed.

This can also be used as a bedside reading lamp with 10 times brightness settings. Gifting this to older adults will ensure their well-being. So, this clearly stands out as one of the most useful gifts for the elderly with lot of mentions in our research.



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#5 Bamboo Book Stand

Make reading easier for your beloved older adults with this bamboo book stand. Extremely durable, this reading rest holder is foldable and sturdy and can even withstand the weight of an iPad. The retro hollow designing is super cool and can even be adjusted to different angles.

This will help them keep the correct posture and spine healthy. Very easy to carry they fit comfortably in mid to large size bags and backpacks.



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#6 White Noise Machine

This portable white noise machine from Big Red Rooster is a great gift to give elderly adults on occasion to make them feel special and cared for. With an optional auto-off timer it comes with the feature of masking background noises which will help them relax, fall asleep better, and sleep better and wake them up refreshed and rejuvenated.

This white noise machine can be battery operated as well as comes with an AC Adapter for plug-in operations.



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#7 Flameless Candles

Made of genuine paraffin wax, these flameless candles are beautiful, smokeless and dripless. It comes with remote control and an operating manual which lets you display candles in hard-to-reach places. This makes it an extremely safe gift for older people to set their relaxing mood and environment on a quiet peaceful evening.



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#8 Wooden Spectacle Holder

Nothing can be a more adorable and cute gift for your grandparents than this mustache wooden spectacle holder. It is fun and quirky and is extremely convenient and practical to keep their spectacles near them so that they do not have to look around and they know exactly where it is kept. It is made of finest Indian mango wood which gives it a wonderful rustic appeal.



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#9 Fitbit Activity Tracker

An activity tracker like this one will inspire the older generation to get up and get moving. It comes with features that will provide them with 24/7 heart monitoring and even with calorie burning count. It will keep an all-round track of their steps, activities, distance covered and most importantly the number of calories burnt.

This one is a very practical gift which they will love and will motivate them towards a healthy living.



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#10 Gardening Tool Set

Now that they have ample time in their hands, encourage the older adults to follow their hobbies. If gardening is what they like doing and enjoy, gift them this gardening tool kit.

With 9 pieces of gardening tools, this works as an incredible gift and all the tools included in the kit are rust-resistant and come with a comfort grip. It also comes with a tool organizer bag which will help them carry it around wherever they wish to take it.



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#11 Digital Photo Frame

We all know how excellent photo frames are which help us preserve memories and a digital version of it will make it a lot easier for senior adults. This digital photo frame comes with excellent features like high-resolution display and motion sensor.

Even though it has multiple functions it is very simple to use and your beloved senior adults do not have to worry about its mechanism. This will help them relive those wonderful memories they have created in their lifetime, with or without you.



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#12 Giant Jenga Game Set

And the old family classic game- Jenga- is a great way to help the senior adults relive their childhood memories and nostalgia. This giant Jenga tower set will also keep them entertained in their free time. This set also comes with bonus rules, dry erase board and a carrying case.

They can even take them along with them on their brunch plans with their other senior friends.



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#13 Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are not only for children. Yes, there are jigsaw puzzles that are made especially for the adults too. This jigsaw puzzle is one such kind that will keep the senior adults of your life entertained and engaged during their free time.

This comes with a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle and it is crafted with premium quality in terms of both content and material. Gift one of these and they will be so glad to receive a heartfelt gift like this.



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#14 Extra Large Day Clock

This high-resolution digital alarm clock is another gift idea that is great for senior adults. This will make their lives easier as it is designed to clearly spell out the time, the period of the day, the day of the week, the month and the year in large and clear fonts.

It comes with multi-functional alarms and also has the option to set reminders to take medications throughout the day. With an optimum battery back-up feature it makes for a perfect gift for the oldies.



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#15 Bed Wedge Pillow

This bed wedge pillow will help the senior adults turn their beds into recliners supporting their upper back and shoulders. It will also relieve them of their back and neck pain which will enhance their sleep and also prevent them from orthopedic health issues.

With high-density memory foam on top, it will maximize their comfort and fit their body shape as much as possible.



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#16 Bamboo Tumbler, Tea Infuser, and Strainer Set

This bamboo tumbler, tea infuser, and strainer set are a unique and stylish gift option and they look very classy with the bamboo exterior. The interior stainless steel interior and the latest vacuum insulation technology help maintain temperature.

With this, the senior adults do not have to make a hot cup of tea every time they feel like having a sip. They can even brew their tea with the strainer if they want to.



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#17 Orthopaedic Donut Seat Cushion

This doughnut seat cushion is a great gift for elderly people as it helps them be comfortable and also relieves them of any kind of back pain if they are seated somewhere for too long. It helps promote proper spine alignment and can be used everywhere.

This one is even recommended by doctors and hence can be gifted to senior adults undoubtedly.



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#18 Window Bird Feeder

The window bird feeder from tranquil outdoors is an enjoyable gift to give senior adults. It comes with a suction cup and can be mounted outdoors. All they have to do is fill the tray with seeds and wait for the birds to arrive and perch on them.

This bird feeder is good for both large and small birds and the elderly people will surely enjoy a view like this outside their window. This is surely one of the most useful gifts for the elderly as they get ample and positive engagement with this very gift.



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#19 Easy Grip Jar Opener

This patented jar opener will make the lives of the elderlies much easier, hassle-free and comfortable. With this one, they will never have to struggle with opening jars or bottles with their limited strength. It works both wet and dry and is ergonomically designed and is extremely durable.



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#20 Sofa Armrest Pocket Organizer

Made of extremely durable material, these armrest pocket organizer is a handy and a practical gift for the oldies. It is designed with six large pockets this fits on any size of armrests on couches and chairs. They can store and organize stuff and keep things near their reach without having to look for them all the time.



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Useful Gifts for Elderly; Buying Guide and Ending Thoughts 

It is natural for different people to like different things and therefore it becomes quite difficult to look for gifts for everyone which will suit their taste (especially for senior adults).

With that age group in mind, it is always better to go for utility gifts- things which will serve a purpose and of course make their lives easier. So, gift something which helps them deal with their daily lives in a simple way.

Other than utility gifts you can also gift them nostalgic entertaining and joyful gifts like games and puzzles which will keep them engaged. And if you know them quite well enough to know their hobbies, likes and dislikes you can always bank your gifts on that information. So this winter does not worry about what to gift the senior adults in your life.

This list of 20 best useful gifts for the elderly will solve your problem!


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