If you are having trouble and are not being able to decide on how to choose graduation gifts, we are here to help you. We have painstakingly selected best gift ideas for you through our unique research by experienced researcher, that leaves almost no chance for you to go wrong with your choices. 

As another academic year is nearing the end, a new slew of fresh graduates will put forth a new stride in their lives. It does not matter if they’re entering colleges and universities for further studies or out job hunting. Every fresh graduate will embark upon a new journey. As their well-wishers, it is only natural for us to do our bit. By appreciating them with a token of encouragement through gifts and gestures, we can inspire them when they turn a new leaf in their lives. Of course, we could give them special experiences, such as a holiday or a treat at their favorite restaurant.

There is a variety of gifting options that one can consider. Such is the spread of gifting options that we’re almost spoilt for choices. So here is a list of a few top categories in this article. You can go through them and easily choose the best gift for a graduating student.

How To Choose Graduation Gifts?



The most common gift you can see being circulated as graduation gifts are keepsakes. These are some of the most thoughtful and intimate gifts that you can give someone. You can gift a collage of Polaroid photographs of their childhood. You see, with keepsakes, there is a high level of personal touch that you put into it, which makes it special.

You can give them a graduation photo collage with a beautiful frame. You can also go for an engraved watch or an engraved pen with their initials. There are also other engraved jewelry i.e. necklaces, cufflinks, bracelets, earrings. If you can find it, go for a vintage/ leather copy of their favorite book or a family heirloom, which will be more special.

You can gift anything as a keepsake if you feel that they can remember you by it. It can also be an inspirational book that you want them to read and remember you by. We can give anything that would hold its value over time and provide inspiration and nostalgia as a keepsake. Of course, when gifting a family heirloom, never forget to mention that it is one such thing and its significance for you.

You should also remember that because of the intimate nature of such gifts, it is only appropriate for close friends and relatives. Hence you should limit gifting keepsakes to close people only.

Tech gadgets


In today’s day and age, tech is something that has become an indispensable part of our lives. It isn’t enough just to have a smartphone these days. There is a barrage of accessories which are just too useful to give a pass. In the fast-paced lives that we lead in today’s day and age, such gadgets provide that added bit of functionality that makes our lives a bit easier. Hence some of these as gifts would be just as helpful for the newly graduated.

As most of the new graduates are young, be sure that they know and love the in-trend gadgets. You can gift wireless headphones and AirPods as they are incredibly useful in providing a hassle-free music experience. This is especially important in the fast life. We are increasingly using video conferencing apps for work and studies during these COVID times, so it will come in handy. 

You can also choose other gadgets such as wireless keyboards, portable printers, wireless charging docks, etc. Laptop cooling pads, external hard disks etc. come in handy if the person spends long hours on the workstation. If you want to gift to a fitness freak, there are smartwatches, fitness trackers, etc. You can gift them a smart voice assistant enabled device if they are tech-savvy. For example, you can give them an Amazon echo dot or a Google nest. They can use it to convert their house to a smart home.

Kitchen essentials


When it comes to graduates, a lot of them end up joining institutions away from home. They end up living alone for the first time, in a student dorm or an apartment. With happiness and freedom, they often ignore a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy is a major priority, which most of the young folk forget.

The graduating students have a requirement of kitchen essentials for this reason. It allows them to cook something up rather than ordering out whenever hungry. In turn, this helps them to stay healthy. Also, it can help to save money from ordering food delivery. Items such as cutlery, tableware, food storage set, etc. are needed. Also, toaster, coffee maker, electric kettle, microwave oven and even a mini-fridge can go a long way. It encourages and helps them out with cooking their food themselves. Also, they can stay healthy when they stop having fast food and store-bought unhealthy food daily.

Home decorations


Along with a new dorm room or an apartment comes the task of decorating it. Here is the significance of beautiful home decorations. For this reason, you can include some basic items like linens, pillowcases, cushions and plushies, etc. in your gift idea list. Also, framed photographs and paintings are among the top housewarming gifts. Graduation gifts signifying a new start in life.

You can personalize the gifts with photographs and inspiring quotes for this reason. It can be a good way to add to the character of these articles. Also, Dreamcatchers, fairy lights, Japanese wind chimes are amazing gifts. It is perfect for those who love keeping their place looking as aesthetically pleasing as they can.

Then, there are the minimalists. For them, items such as alarm clocks, abstract paintings, table lamps and organizers are cool options. Do remember- minimalists always love achromatic colors i.e. grey, white and black. If you’re good at crafts, the best gift could be a handmade painting or a DIY pillowcase too.

Home maintenance


An important aspect of adulting is that with the added freedom of living alone, comes the added responsibility of maintaining the space one lives in. From changing a tube light to changing a car tyre and from repairing a shelf to simply putting up a painting in the wall- everyone should learn how to do these. One can attempt such errands if only there are proper tools available.

Here’s where the next gifting options come to play. A starter toolbox with nails and screws and screwdrivers, duct tape, hammers and plungers, spackle and picture hanger loops, it is essential in every household. So every time they hang up a picture on the wall or fix that loose door handle, you have had their back and they’ll thank you for it.



It does not matter if a graduate joins the university or get a job afterwards. One thing is sure, everyone needs their stationery. If they like being organized about their studies or work, a selection of stationery is an indispensable part of their arsenal. When you buy a gift in this sector, you can not go wrong.

For students, a good leather journal for journaling or jotting down to-do’s is a must. Handy notebooks for taking down notes and scrapbooks are a good option too. You can also gift pens, highlighters, and stationery bags etc. If they are interested in painting, pencils, colours, canvas etc. can be nice gifts too. For those who are starting a job, a leather portfolio comes in really handy. They can use it to store essential documents and certificates in a safe and stylish way.

Organization tools


It does not matter if they are opting for higher studies or planning on joining the workforce- everyone needs a bit of organization in their lives. For those who are starting something afresh, this habit would definitely prove helpful. So gifting organization tools are a good way of ensuring that you encourage them. Laundry bags, closet or desk organizers, are great choices in this sphere. The journals mentioned in the previous point, are also a good way to record and organize one’s daily life. A well-organized desk space also calls for desk mats. A set of table lights can help to an optimal output when working in the desk.



A fresh graduate often embarks on trips that they have planned for years. They also need to travel for studies and work-related reasons. Hence, a good backpack is a very essential item in their arsenal. A travel backpack can be a bit larger, but it can fit a lot more. It also has a lot of compartments which they can use for carrying various items.

A leather/faux leather backpack is a suitable gift for the style-conscious. Also, you can gift a sporty backpack for the athlete which a wonderful choice. A travel backpack, travel bag organizers, Dopp kits, travel wallets with passport holders and leather folio bags for official documents are also excellent choices under this. For the health-conscious, a good gym bag and shoes are an amazing buy.

Makeup and grooming


The previous options are a bit more traditional in their approach. On the other hand, makeup and grooming essentials are a potential gift that can be very important to the fresh graduate. Just think about it, a new college or a new workspace where the people form first impressions on everyone. In cases like these, it is exceedingly important to put one’s best foot forward. And for this, personal grooming is an indispensable part of the modern world.

People form first impressions on everyone, be it their seniors or juniors or coworkers or fellow students. Hence, it is absolutely imperative that you can bring the A-game. This gift range includes grooming tools such as trimmers and shaving kits, or perfumes or cologne. Highlighting powders, lip color or liquid lipsticks, hair and face masks, are perfect options for the girls too, If you are planning something unique, go for dry shampoo, aromatic bath salts and oils, etc.

Also, there are trusted options like makeup brush sets, face washes and scrubs, etc. The aftershaves and eau de toilette would prove essential too, and you can pick them easily.



Finally, nobody can go wrong with some good old cash as gifts. Of course, there are better options such as all the above, but if time’s at a dismal crunch and there’s just a day’s notice before they take a flight back, some good old cash as a gift is your best bet. Studies have shown that cash as a gift is not at all underappreciated or thought as a lazy gift.

So some financial boost for a fresh graduate always helps. Include it in a beautiful gift card and voila, you’re gold. Also, with modern advancements, it doesn’t have to be cash in a card, it could very well be an Amazon or a Google gift card which they can redeem for anything they wish.


You need to plan ahead a bit for a good graduation gift. The schedule comes ahead, so the time will not be a factor. Count in the things the graduate likes, and the gift she/he will receive, she/he will just love it. In this list, we have covered all the aspect of what the young gen needs. Plan accordingly, and you will not face any generation gap too, to find out the perfect graduation gift.

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