If You Are Wondering About How To Choose Gifts For Elderly People, Then This five minutes read is all that you need once and for all. We help with a step by step guide to make things really simple for you.

How To Choose Gifts For Elderly People

It is a New Year and the carnival season of fun and festivity is all around us. It is a time of the gift and renewing the family bond. Are you finding it difficult to choose gifts for your grandparents, elderly friends and family members? Are you not sure about the tastes of such elderly? Then you are in the right place. This article will help you to find the right gifts for such elderly people in your family and friends.

It’s very easy to make them feel special, by choosing the perfect gifts for them. You need to find a gift that works for them, both practically and functionally.

By choosing the best gifts for them, you can bring a smile to their faces. If you are looking for gifts for your grandma or grandfather, you need to think in a way to make them happy with your gift ideas. Also, consider their personality while choosing their gifts. Note that you need to follow physical, mental, eco-friendly and dietary needs and restrictions when choosing the perfect gifts.

Fun Gifts For Elderly Adults And Grandparents

The first ones who come to our mind when we think about our grandparents. Blessed are those who could spend time with them. You need to plan with care when you choose a gift for them.

Brain Teasers

If your grandpa and grandma enjoy mental challenges, then you can choose crossword collections, Sudoku gifts for him and her. Also, you can add a personal touch to it. You can use family member names or places you have visited together to customize the puzzles- finding a template is easy over the internet now. Also, you can opt for a personalized pen engraved with their name or initials. They can use these to solve the puzzle easily.

Pill Organizer

Most elderly people deal with different health conditions. Hence, it is best to choose a pill organizer with alarm. It can help them to keep track of medications. You just organize a month’s medication and set an alarm to remind them to take pills. At the same time, remember to choose a simple model of pill organizer so they won’t find it difficult to take out the medicines when needed.

Personalized Gift Basket

your grandma or grandpa will surely love it when you gift them a personalized gift basket for any occasion like their birthday or Christmas. This basket may include the snacks they love, the books they will surely appreciate, and special teas or drinks they will like. But make sure the basket should be based on their tastes.

Light Therapy Lamps

The season of winter can make any elderly feel down. If your grandparents are living alone in the house, then you can easily choose a light therapy lamp that imitates natural light so that their mood will be bright. It can be the best gift for those who are mobility-challenged as they won’t get to go outdoors for their health conditions.

Grocery Delivery Service

When people get older, it may become really difficult to shop for groceries. The trouble lies in regularly going out and standing in line to pay the bills. So you can easily avail grocery delivery services for your grandparents. It can save time and labour for your loved ones by bringing groceries from local shops right to their threshold.

Photo Locket

When it’s your grandma’s birthday you can choose a pendant with an engraved family photo. It can be a really sentimental gift for her. There are many varieties available where you can engrave at least 2 pictures along with special messages for her. Just choose the one that matches your taste as well as budget.

A Charitable Donation In The Names Of Your Grandparents

If your grandparents live with the entire family then it can be really meaningful to make some charitable donation in their names on the occasion of their birthday. This gift will make them happy if you donate something worthy to an orphanage or old age homes. You can also spend a day with such people to make your grandparents really happy, and they will feel proud of you.

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Gifts For Parents

Most loved, close to us, our parents are often our friend, philosopher and guide to life. Although we do not think of them as the elderly, as we grow, they do too. We know them closely, so finding out what they like or not is easy. Still, we want to make their gift more special. For this reason, here are some of the best ideas

Personalized Card With Photo

If you are working abroad or stay far from your parents then a personalized card with some memorable photos may make your parents feel happy when they get it on their anniversary or on the new year. Many people like to delve into the cards over and over. If you insert some photos of them with you, that will make them feel nostalgic when they flip over the photos. You can also add some little cards written that give them the feeling of getting loved and reminded throughout the year.

Throw Blanket

A soft blanket for the couch can be a splendid gift for your parents. When they just relax with a book or just watch tv, a soft throw blanket makes them feel comfortable. There are various designs, lightweight blankets available to match their taste. These blankets are really cozy and not too big so they just keep the blanket on the couch itself.

Certificate To A Spa

You can choose to gift your parents a certificate to their favorite spa salon. They will love your gift for a little pampering. Your mom may feel special when you gift her a spa certificate. Just don’t forget to add a special touch like I’ll pick you up and drive you to your favorite spa center and make her feel really pampered by you.

Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame

A digital photo frame that is wi-fi enabled can be just the right gift for your parents. You can transfer photos from your handset directly to the frame. Your parents do not have to do anything when you install one of these Wi-Fi digital photo frames in your parents’ home. You may find some advanced models of digital photo frames too. These come with motion sensors and other improvements. It can change the photo frame with a motion or swipe of the hand.

Family Name Art

It can render an excellent gift with special artwork that incorporates a surname or a family tree. You will find many options that are available in wood, metal, and canvas. Also, you can choose from a variety of designs to decorate the walls of your parents’ living room or bedroom. It will be both nice to look at and informative. A tie to the past and legacy, they will love it.

Theatre Tickets

If your parents love to engage their evening enjoying the performances of their favourite artists, it is a great gift. You can present theatre or concert tickets that have great reviews or the parents want to see for a long time. It is a sure thing that they will appreciate your gift.

Personalized Picnic Table

If your parents love picnics, then a handmade picnic table can be great for them to gift on New Year. Choose the model that is comfortable and has a flair to it. They will appreciate this gift to meet friends and spend some quality time together to have tea and snacks while chatting together.

Quirky Gifts For Elders

Oil Diffuser

For the elderly, an oil diffuser can be a magnificent gift. Just opt for the natural oil they like. It can soothe and leave a good fragrance in the room to brighten up their mood. The design can be of a different variety. Just choose the diffuser with a humidifier so it can be effective for small spaces as well.


A beautiful gift for seniors can be a notepad. They can use it to write something they need to remember. Just don’t forget to pair it up with a customized pen. It will make it a perfect gift within a small budget.


A very common and functional gift for elderly people is an umbrella. If your parents love to go to small outings, you can gift them a small umbrella with floral designs. Floral designs can be classy too, to suit their personality. Also, there are a number of modern designs with more functionality. They can use it easily without any hassle. It will keep them safe from the sun and rain too.

Wooden Piggy Bank

Most of the seniors are having fixed incomes so you can choose a wooden piggy bank for the elderly to save the changes. This piggy bank is classy and beautiful. Just opt for the model that blends glass windows with a wooden frame so it can match any décor. It can be a perfect gift for your dad or mom or even grandparents.

Posh Organizer

Every home has some odds and you need to keep it organized. An attractive little organizer of drawers will decorate an area beautifully. They can use it to get rid of clutter beautifully. It can be a significant item to them. They can keep it on nightstands, desks, kitchen tables, and other areas for hobbies.

Gift Ideas For The Elderly With Different Health Issues

If your grandparents are facing Alzheimer’s or dementia type health issues, then choosing gifts for them might be a bit tricky. You need to choose a gift that soothes their anxiety and helps to stimulate their minds. Some basic mental health exercise items will be a perfect gift in this case.

Picture Book

Custom-made photo books for individuals are a great gift. It is perfect for persons with dementia. Often these books comprise useful captions to describe people and locations. There are a number of companies like Shutterfly or even Walmart who make these books. You can upload images and customize these too. They will come in handy for the receiver of the book and they will appreciate the gift.

Fidget Hand Muff

For those with Alzheimer’s, products with an assortment of textures may be a good gift too. It can relax irritated hands. Also, it relieves anxiety by getting something to experiment with. There is a vast range of designs presented in this segment.

Large Display Clock

A clock displaying time and date along with the hour marking can be a substantial gift. For seniors struggling with dementia or memory problems, this is an urgent need. The “Alzheimer’s clock” models have jumbo displays. Some of these even let you change the level of brightness. It helps to relieve stress too, as they do not have to squint to see the display.

Over time, many elderly struggles with low vision. So here are a few excellent gift ideas for those too.

Large Print Measuring Cups

Does your grandma love baking? If the answer is yes, then these large print measuring cups can be a great gift for her to measure baking ingredients in quick time.

Audible Subscription

This is one of those presents that can have a huge impact on people with a poor vision. For each month, they release thousands of titles. Your special one can choose one free audiobook and hear it through his or her computer, mobile etc. Clear audio, beautiful narration- they do not have to miss out the book experience.

Are you looking for a gift for your elderly family member to give on Christmas? If yes, then just choose such useful gifts to make them happy.

Hearing Aid Charms

Send a little bling to your loved one to add to her hearing aid! You can choose from designs including hearts, diamonds, blossoms, symbols of faith, and others.

Ear Kit

Hearing aids are pricey, so why not proffer a gift that helps safeguard them? These nylon spandex sleeves keep hearing aids sheltered from dust and moisture and are obtainable in eight colours.


Now it is time to wrap up the list of ideas. The elderly have cared for us, guarded us, nourished and cherished us our whole life. Now, it is our turn to take care of them. Finding a gift for them needs some time and thought. Find out what they loved, and select a gift based on that, which will bring back their golden days. These gift ideas can help you to choose one that will make your elderly friend/family happy and appreciate the item. Also, do spend some time with seniors and make them feel lively. It’s the most precious gift for your loved ones- your time and companionship.

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