If You Are Wondering About How To Best Choose Christmas Gifts, Then This five minutes read is all that you need once and for all. We help with a step by step guide to make things really simple for you.

 How To Choose Best Christmas Gifts?

Christmas is around the corner and you have still not decided the gifts for your loved ones, right? Or, is it months away, and you are thinking to plan well in advance? Yes, we know that choosing a gift for someone is extremely nerve-wracking as you have to keep so many things in your mind such as what he/she likes, their hobbies, their preferences etc. etc. You just can’t randomly pick up something as a gift rather you have to be extremely cautious and heedful because a gift if chosen wrong can provide the wrong message and weaken the bond or relationship.

When you decide to present someone a gift that can mean two things. One- you want to make that person happy, and two- you want to strengthen the relationship between you and that person. Now for both the targets you have to spend some time choosing the right gift for the person. Now if you are really stuck in an impasse, let me give you a list of suggestions so that you can choose perfect gifts for your loved ones. Not only Santa makes a good list, after all!

Do some background study

Before choosing a gift for someone, the first thing you should do is some background studies. To know what the person likes or dislikes, you can check her Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social profiles where he/she shares something specific. Pinterest is another great platform where some people love to pin items which they love. Some people also visit sites like Amazon or other online shopping sites where they keep things in wish lists. Just stalk those things for a few days and then choose something.

Suppose if that person has kept perfume in the wish list or he/she has pinned the picture of a beautiful flower vase onto the Pinterest board, buy those things as a gift.

Pinpoint your message

This is the next step which you have to decide on choosing the right gift for a person. Before rummaging through all the shops near you, just think for a while and try to get some answers such as what is your relationship with that person, how much important he/she is to you. When you get all your answers just narrow down all the possibilities and roll up your sleeves to get the right gift for that person.

For example, if that person is a colleague of you, you probably want them to know that you really appreciate their hard work. If you are choosing a message for your mother then probably you want to share with her how lucky you are to have her in your life.

So the bottom line is that you need to identify your relationship with that person and then you will be able to pick up the right gift for him/her.

Make a list

Now before deciding anything, just make a list of things in which that person is interested in. Sit for a few minutes and write down all those things that come into your mind. Look back into the past where the person told you something about his/her likes or dislikes. And try to invent some ideas to go with each and everything on the list. Of course, you don’t have to buy all those things but surely you will hit one cool idea to go with.

For example, if your friend loves reading books, give him/her the latest Booker-winning novel. If your friend loves watching movies, book a ticket for the next blockbuster for him/her.

Talk with people who know the person well

If you feel really stuck, feel free to communicate with people who know the person better. There is no shame in needing a little help, after all, it is Christmas! Ask them what he/she likes; they also can give you some cool ideas for what to choose.

For example, if you cannot decide what to choose for your best friend, talk with her/his siblings who can give you some ideas regarding the person’s preferences and needs.

Try to identify what that person needs

If you can identify the person’s need then half of your problem is solved. Think for some time, keep yourself at a distance and then try to think broader by keeping in mind points like personal preferences, needs and aspirations.

Suppose if your best friend has addicted to coffee then probably the best gift for her would be a customized coffee mug. Again if you have to choose something for your mother who loves gardening, the best choice would be to present her some lively plants.

Give experiences a try

Material things are not everything. Some people prefer experiences over these. In such cases giving someone, an experience may make you closer to him/her. In that case, track down some local events, restaurants, concerts, shows, movies and other activities. Get some great ideas to surprise that person. It will be unconventional and unique. There are a number of good options during Christmas, so you do not have to face any trouble to find a good option.

Rely on some tickets

When the point comes choosing a gift we always think of some trinkets or physical item. Apart from that, there are other options too. To make your present unique, what can be better than buying a ticket? At first, think about the person’s personal choices and preferences, then search the internet about those events for gift possibilities. Now buy a ticket, put it in an envelope before giving.

For example, if that person loves to go to the theatre, try to buy him a ticket where he/she can enjoy a performance. If you have money, you can also book two tickets, so that the person can take a companion with her.

Buy a gift card

After much brainstorming, if you are unable to find some cool idea, then the best thing will be if you offer them a gift card through which they will be able to enjoy their favorite activity. Try to think about the person’s hobby or what they like to do in spare time and choose a gift card version for that. Put that gift card in an envelope.

For example, if that person’s hobby is reading books, try to give them gift cards of a bookstore where he can buy books using the gift card. If he/she loves cooking, try to present a gift card for a kitchen supply store. Then there comes the gift card to e-commerce stores, where the person can get anything he/she needs. Can anything be more festive for a shopping lover?

A time-saving service would be a good option

the gift is- happier you have to be more innovative and thoughtful. In such a situation nothing can be better than giving someone a time-saving gift. Offering time-saving gifts, on the one hand, give that person some relief from work and on the other hand, your caring attitude will get appreciation.

For example, if you book a home cleaning service for that person, he/she will get some relief from the tiresome job of cleaning.

Sometimes asking that person works

When you give someone a gift, the general rule of thumb is that the person should not know beforehand what is in the gift box. Generally, we people believe that presenting a gift becomes memorable when you keep them in suspense. But that does not always work and there remains a chance that you hit the wrong button. To avoid this kind of situation you can ask that person what he/she wants.

There are actually some people who are extremely straightforward and will tell you what they want. And when they tell you what they really want, don’t over-think, just buy them that. Suppose if that person tells you that his/her juicer is broken and he needs one, buy him a juicer without thinking too much. Definitely, the person will like that and will use that.

Add a little bit of yourself

Giving someone a gift becomes memorable if you include a little bit of yourself. The personal touch totally changes the ambience and the recipient becomes happy. Just try to be a little bit creative, and you can do it. Make some handcrafted thing or write something for your friend or anything with a little personal touch. Doing this will convey the warmth of your heart and your relationship with that person will be stronger.

Make the gift an event

Giving someone a present without putting them in an envelope is extremely unpleasant. If you buy a gift card for someone and give it to them without a wrapper or envelope, people will think that you have bought that half-heartedly. Hence to make the scenario unforgettable you have to be thoughtful and creative. Whatever the present, try to make the packaging a little bit innovative. You can also use cards where you can write down your personal thoughts and then wrap them well. Try to make the gift an event- just hide it in a place and tell him to find it so that he becomes mad with excitement.

You can also present a chance of learning

There is no hard and fast rule that you have to give something concrete or an object. If your friend is dying to learn driving, then help him/her to get into a driving school. If your brother aspires to learn guitar, help him to fulfil his dream, by enrolling him to an online guitar class.

Give them something delicious

Food is another great option as there is hardly anyone who doesn’t like food. Delicious food is something that can instantly win someone. So giving delicious food as a gift is another option which you can blindly trust. If your friend loves sweets then you can make her happy by giving a box of chocolates.


Christmas is the time of celebration and a gift can shower this seasonal joy and happiness. Without gifts a Christmas is incomplete. But choosing a gift is not at all an easy task. To help you in that we can assure you that the above points would be of great help. You know the person for whom you are getting the gift. Use that, and spread the joy- this is the Christmas spirit. Just don’t obsess too much on the perfect present. Think broader, give special attention to that person’s hobbies or likings and then you will ring the right chord, that’s for sure!

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