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How To Choose Anniversary Gifts?

An anniversary, i.e. the celebration for a year turning to an event has major importance to all of us. Often, the first vibe that comes to our mind when we hear the word anniversary is a romantic one. A gift can be a great way to lift the mood and make the occasion more special too. At the same time, it can be related to friends and family too, to renew the bond and strengthen the ties.

It is very natural that your partner may feel a tad blue, with all the pressure of life. Imagine placing the right kind of gift, which he or she loves and how their face will lit up. Imagine your parents getting just the thing they want from the children on their marriage anniversary, which celebrates their happy journey. It can easily wrap up all the problems and misunderstandings in a moment and provide you with a fresh breeze of gaiety. For this, you need to be a bit thoughtful and plan ahead, while choosing an anniversary gift.

In the following article, let us guide you through the alleys of ideas that can provide you with some gifts that will be a certain hit. Go through the article and get some way out on How to choose an Anniversary Gift. Here we have shortlisted some ideas that are perfect for your anniversary gift, which is tabulated below. Hope you get your most desirable anniversary gift idea once you go through the article.

Base It On A Theme

Most of the people are aware of the traditional themes. However, in today’s world, there are some modern themes available too in the market. Your gift should, not only based on the theme but also should be related to your relationship. For example, if you are celebrating the 21st anniversary of your relationship, you can give 21 pairs of earrings to your partner. Or you could plan a date where you propose to her again with 21 roses.

Many of us try to give a surprise. Now, a gift need not be always materialistic. Planning a romantic night, coming home early, taking your spouse to a sudden dinner or cooking her favourite dish can also be a part of the surprise plan. Recently there are some trends like proposing or expressing your love in front of a number of the public with a thing she likes. 

These trends are getting a huge craze and can please your spouse like never before. After all, it is all about how you know that person and how well you are making an atmosphere. If it is for your parents or friends celebrating their anniversary, get something that resonates well with their journey. For that, put your imagination and creative mind to work.

Celebrate the date

There is a common complaint from a number of wives that their spouses often tend to forget the anniversary dates. To tell the truth, this is true to some extent. As the stereotype goes, girls are born with some kind of superpower to remind all the dates and boys lag in this aspect.

In the modern era, the work pressure is increased to an extent that it is quite natural to forget the anniversary date for anyone. Eventually, when it comes to your mind at the last moment, you might be searching for something to gift. Avoid this at any cost. Mark the date, prepare ahead.

Remembering the day itself is not less than a gift. It shows the care and priority that you are giving to the relationship. It is kind of respecting the bond between you two. But, if you want to make it special for both of you, then you can plan something that is in resonance to the date. As an example, if your partner’s name starts with D and you are celebrating three years of relationship, then you can try a three-way surprise, Drinks, Dinner and Dancing.

Show them how well you know them

You cannot miss it when you are buying a gift, almost on any occasion. Well, let me explain it a bit more. A relationship is based on mutual understanding. Without it, love tends to lose its original fragrance. So, you must try to base the gift on the interest of your partner.

That shows that you know about that person and you think about their little likes or dislikes. It will make the world for your partner. Someone who takes care of everything, being in a relationship with that person is the best feeling for everyone.

For example, if your partner likes to paint then you can try simple gifts like color palettes, this will bring more joy to the artistic soul. If your partner likes to cook some kind of cuisines, then a cookbook will be perfect as a gift. Otherwise, a personal cooking experience can be a good idea too. It can be more romantic too as a more personalized gift can bring you two more closely.

Be romantic

That is too obvious, isn’t it? I mean, when you are considering an anniversary gift for the partner, the first criteria of it is to be romantic. After all, it is a celebration to strengthen your bond. So, surely it has to be romantic and pleasant. An anniversary is to cheer your love. So, the gift should be romantic and thoughtful.

Now, this depends on how much you know your partner. You just need to play on the comfort ground. Moonlight dinner on your terrace or a slow dance on a melodious track can do the trick for you. Treating your partners like a princess or prince charming is the main reason behind all those planning. By any means, if you succeed to make your partner feel special, you are the winner.

Lastly, often men have the tendency to forget the date or get a desirable gift. In those cases, a romantic gift can act as a defense line. People, especially girls, have the craving of such romantic surprises, and it cannot go wrong.

Improve upon your wedding day

If you are married, then, surely we can say, there is some aspect of your marriage that you are not satisfied with. Your anniversary can be an option for you to make everything alright again. You know, getting married again and getting dressed as a bride and groom can make you happier actually, as studies say.

Making all the arrangements of the big day of your marriage is costly and tiresome. In today’s world, we all are connected with everyone on social media, and every moment is recorded. When you look back, there will always be ‘what if’s and ‘If only’s in the arrangements. Also, we often end up comparing with the marriage functions of our colleagues or friends. Some things always seem to be missing at your wedding even after you try- may be due to budget or any other issues.

An anniversary makes it perfect. Did you not get the perfect dress at your wedding or the car was not perfect? Never worry, plan it on your anniversary. Put on a function and fulfil your wish. It may be a bit expensive but it is worth it. Also, you can have the chance to renew the wedding vows- can anything be a better wedding anniversary gift to your partner?

Put a spin on traditional gold gifts

Each and every year of your anniversary holds a special symbol and gemstone to celebrate, it is better if you keep that in mind. This can help you to opt for an appropriate gift. However, ornaments are always believed to have a special place among gifts. If you want to make your spouse feel special, there is nothing comparable than a gift of gold trinkets.

Most people think that gold is desirable to women only. But a golden ornament like broach or cuff links or engraved pen can be a perfect gift for your male partner too. If you don’t have enough to buy an expensive gift. You can settle for earrings, rings or nose-pins.

That can also be a fruitful way to increase your future savings. Gold is an asset, and it can be helpful in your future too. A gold plated phone cover can be a good gift if it is meaningful to your spouse and you are thinking of splurging a bit. Also, gifting something golden to your close friend and family is a great idea too, if you can afford it.

Find mementoes that have special significance

There are many moments in a relationship that is precious for both of you. Small things, little moments to cherish can make your relationship valuables. Some happy moments can fill your heart with joy. These moments are priceless and if you can frame one of those moments and present it to your spouse, nothing can be more thrilling than that.

Perhaps some inside joke or sudden memory can be the reference for the gift. You might need to find a suitable moment for your anniversary. After that, you have to find a memento that represents that day or that special moment. Those symbolize gifts can be from the places that you were on that day. Also, it can be some of the things that have happened on that day.

For example, you can serve the special brand of wine that was served on that day. Or you can frame the tickets of your travel on that occasion or you can gift a bottle full of sea-shells of the beach you visited on that occasion. These will help you to relive those moments and help you to cherish together.

Selecting the gift in this way is great for friends and family too. For your parents, it can bring back the happy days of youth. When you gift something related to your childhood memories associated with them, there will be tears of joy that is for sure.

Create a handmade gifts

A handmade gift can be a great idea to present to your spouse. Sometimes your not-so-perfect gift means more to your partner than expensive gifts or pieces of jewellery. There can be a lot of options and it will take time and will test your creative mind. But in the end, the result will surely put a smile on your spouse’s face.

A personalized gift can be a flower arrangement, a painting or a dessert. That will convey a personal touch to your spouse. That gesture is indeed lovely, and often people prefer a personalized gift rather than a rich and expensive one.

You can give your spouse of your friend, some of your creation, as a gift. That will mean, those creations are only meant for them. That matters a lot, as it is not mass-produced to be marketed. It will be better if your creations resonate with the years or the memories of your relationship. That will surely put an extra charm to your occasion.

Take a trip together

A trip can give you relaxation from all the boredoms and provide you with a breeze of fresh air. Sometimes a surprise trip can be better than an expensive gift or jewelry. A trip can lighten your mood, and if it is a place that is wrapped with some happy memories, then it is worth visiting on this happy occasion.

Travel broadens your mind. It is indeed a great idea to spend some quality time with your loved ones at a private space. It will add some spice on your romance too. Well, to do something special, you can arrange something that can please your spouse. Some innovative ideas can add charm to your relationship.

However, some ideas can be improvised. If it is a milestone anniversary, you can give an expensive gift or jewelry on the trip. Or you can prepare a bucket list of the favorite things or wishes of your spouse. And then start doing those things starting from the top of the list within the trip. Make this trip a memorable experience for you two. Top it up with a candlelit dinner, and both of you will cherish the gift for years.


Well, here are some ideas that can come in handy to make your anniversary a great hit. You can also plan a surprise gift for your husband or boyfriend, wife or girlfriend. Also, you can set up a gift for your parents’ anniversary, or celebrate a friend- versary. A nice gesture from you will go a long way to the person on the receiving end.

Anniversaries need not always be associated with romance, as it is shown generally. It can be a celebration of the bond with a near and dear relative, like your parents or in-laws. For these cases, some of these ideas are applicable. After all, it may not be just romance, but the love remains there in every relationship, always.

This is why you need to celebrate these bonds and plan the gifts accordingly. Keep in mind, you need to put some thought and time to select the best anniversary gifts. So, go on and enjoy your anniversary with your loved ones and shower them with the gifts they deserve.

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