Your Zumba instructor might mean a lot to you. He or she has seen you go through a major body transformation and you have to admit it – it wouldn’t have been possible without his/her help, constant pushing and motivation. It is because of the person that you have finally reached your body goals. So you should be a little careful while picking Gifts for Zumba Instructors.

Try to pick something thoughtful and practical. Whether it is his or her birthday, or you are simply looking for holiday gifts, consider his or her point of interest, taste, personality, etc.

In this blog, we have picked out the gifts after extensive research. Talked to multiple Zumba instructors, yoga practitioners and fitness fanatics in general in order to understand what they like the best. We have filtered many of them and have come up with only the best ones. We are quite hopeful that you will like the list. To know more, please read on.


21 Best Gifts for Zumba Instructors 

Different Zumba instructors can show very different types of personalities and so there gifts should be different too. So, we tried to segregate the different types of gifts according to different personalities that we have come across to make sure you get the most suitable gift for your own instructor.

Here we go with the list

Fun Gifts for Zumba Instructors


#1 Zumba Fitness Exhilarate Body Shaping System DVD

This fitness program will surely be appreciated by your Zumba trainer. A Zumba trainer puts in a lot of effort to make your classes enjoyable and nice! This is the reason why he or she deserves a gift that would not only be practical but would also tie Zumba and fitness to it. This gift includes above 30 rhythms, such as merengue, salsa, reggaeton, calypso, cumbia, hip-hop, and belly dance.

It also includes Zumba Toning Sticks that he or she would love! We have talked with several fitness enthusiasts and the most number of votes are for this set. The easy-to-follow fitness and muscles engaging routines would help the person train in an even better way.



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Zumba Related Clothing Gifts 


#2 PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 WN’s FM Cross-Trainer Shoe

Puma – we guess the brand says it all. A black sports shoe with hot pink lining is every woman fitness freak’s dream come true. This pair is available in other hot color combos as well. It is made of synthetic leather and gives a luxurious look and feel.

This stylish sneaker would add some glam to her regular Zumba class! We have asked so many fitness junkies about the product and all of them adore this. Just make sure that you know her size!

So why do we love this?

Breathable EcoOrthoLite sock liner for the best fit and comfort

TPU shank for better stability



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#3 Neonysweets Women’s Workout Leggings

A pair of stylish bottoms for her classes can also be a very thoughtful pick. This pair from Neonysweets is soft and extremely comfortable. Why just Zumba? It can be worn during running, Pilates, and Yoga as well.

This all-purpose pair of fitness pants are loved by all! The combination of the best fabric makes the four-way stretch possible. It is breathable and has got two big side pockets as well. To know more about the product, you can click on the link below.



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#4 Aqua Zumba swimwear

Aqua Zumba is so cool, right? And if you have heard that she loves doing it and teaching it, then an athletic racerback swimsuit should seal the deal. She might have been eyeing on the piece for long! This bathing suit is so stylish and sexy.

Why does it deserve to be mentioned?

#1 Chlorine resistant

#2 Wide straps for the great support

#3 Decent coverage

#6 Fully lined and built-in shelf bra

#5 Allows full arm motion




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#5 Zumba Socks

This pair of Zumba socks can also make an excellent gift – it shows that you care. If you share a great bond with her, then you can go for this one without thinking twice. She can even wear them for dancing, workouts, Pilates, et al. The non-slip feature makes it ideal for Zumba.

The premium quality would keep your feet warm and soft.

#1 100% silicone gel grips on the bottom

#2 Premium cotton

#3 Increased stability and balance



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#6 Amazon Essentials Women’s 2-Pack Tech Stretch Short-Sleeve Crewneck Tee!

If you want to give some fitness clothing, then take a cue from this and gift her this set of two superb, cool tees! Comfy, breathable and extremely stylish, she can pair it up with printed leggings or capris.

We adore the set because of the amazing fit and fantastic look. You should buy this if you are in search of a reasonable gifting option.

#1 Moisture-wicking tech stretch fabric

#2 Fabulous fit

#3 Reasonable price point



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Accessories as Aiding Gift


#7 Insulated Water Bottle to Quench Thirst

Such sweaty sessions require some cold drinks once in a while. Thus, gifting this stainless steel flask makes sense. Available in different colors, its wide mouth with leak-proof cap is what we love. It helps in keeping beverages cool for up to 24 hours. Additionally, it is BPA-free and phthalate-free.

#1 Proprietary Powder Coat

#2 Durable

#3 TempShield Technology

#4 Pro-grade stainless steel

#5 Wide mouth straw lid



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Relaxing Gifts For Your Trainer 


#7 Home Spa Gift Basket

If you have sore muscles after your class, imagine how her muscles would be since she does all the intense exercise all round the clock. Thus, giving her a basket with spa essentials, which would relax and soothe her nerves and muscles reflects your gratitude. It is a very kind and thoughtful gift and we are sure that she would love it.

The aromatherapy would do wonders for her mind and body. This curated home spa kit would ensure that she enjoys her bath time to the fullest and gets charged up for the next day. It includes a shower gel, body lotion, scrub, bath salt, oil, loofah, etc.

#1 Lavender and Jasmin fragrance

#2 Calming properties

#3 Ideal for a hot soak



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Stylish Add-ons


#8 Wrist Band with Jingle Bells

Zumba teachers are also fashionistas who love to make a statement. Let her do the same with a stack of stylish bracelets with bells. Available in so many colors, these bells would make a beautiful sound when she moves to the rhythm.

This is a wonderful gift for a super stylish Zumba teacher.



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#9 Women’s Belly Dance Hip Scarf

If you love her classes and if you have noticed that she tries her best to incorporate something new into the classes, then a Belly Dance Hip Scarf would be the ideal gift for her. It would help her combine both and make the classes even more fun, interesting and enjoyable.

We have picked it because of the following reasons:

#1 Available in so many colors

#2 Good length

#3 Bright sequins add so much glam to it

#4 It can also be used to add some flair to an outfit


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#10 Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties

Something as simple as a box of hair ties can also win her heart and make her feel special. It is all about the gesture that matters. If you have a low budget, then get this box of phone cord hair ties for your instructor. It would keep the tangles at bay and the spiral construction looks fashionable as well. You won’t face hair breakage if you use these.

The quality is really good.



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#11 Headbands

The boho style is in and how! This one would surely impress her as it would not only make her look fashionable but also help the hair stay put while she is moving to the music. These headbands are stylish, comfy, stretchable and absolutely great for adding some spark to the overall look.



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Books as an Evergreen Gift Item


#12 Zumba: Ditch the Workout, Join the Party! The Zumba Weight Loss Program

If she’s a true Zumba lover, then this book would also connect her to her point of interest. Even if she is not an avid reader, you can pick this up because this would surely evoke her interest. She can quote lines from her book that would motivate her students, etc.

It comes with a DVD as well.



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#13 2020 Planner

Since the New Year is here, it is quite thoughtful to pick a 2020 planner for her. It would help her keep track of the classes, write down goals, routines, etc.

We heart it for the durable soft Faux Leather cover, design, thick acid-free paper, etc.



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Motivational Posters for Your Trainer 


#14 Pyramid America Workout Posters

If inspirational quotes are your Zumba trainer’s thing and if she has put on motivational posters all across the studio, then this one is the perfect pick for her. It would be a great addition to her studio.

How did it make it to our list?

#1 Motivational gift

#2 Touching and thoughtful selection

#3 Reasonably priced

#4 Easily available



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Cute and Personalized Gifts for Zumba Instructors


#15 Monogrammed Hand Towel

Let your Zumba instructor sweat in style with this monogrammed towel. It is personalized, which would surely touch the right chords of her heart. Made of extra absorbent Turkish cotton, it is soft and extremely gentle on the skin. It is apt to take to the studio or use it in the bathroom.

We love it because:

#1 Of the soft texture

#2 Customization

#3 Luxe look and feel



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Music Gifts for The Music Lover Instructor 


#16 Bluetooth Speaker

We are sure that your Zumba teacher enjoys music! Gifting a portable Bluetooth speaker can be a savior for him or her as they sometimes have to carry speakers while traveling. With plenty of positive reviews in its bag, this Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker with Loud Stereo Sound is a perfect pick.

Fitness freaks love to get pumped up with the hottest tunes so that their great moves come out!

#1 Superior sound quality

#2 Incredible battery life

#3 Built-in Mic



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Bag as a Handy Gift


#17 Adidas Unisex Diablo Small Duffel Bag

This unisex gym bag from Adidas is spacious enough to carry gym clothes, a water bottle, a towel, etc. It would be a very classy gift for your Zumba teacher. Adidas never compromises on quality and that is one of the factors you should go for it. The 10 x 11 x 18.5 inches allows you to stuff all the items you need during a workout.



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Fitness Tracker/Gadgets for the Freaky Ones


#18 Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate & Fitness Tracker

If you want to pick a luxury item, then this fitness tracker from Fitbit is what we suggest. Just make sure that she doesn’t own it already! It helps in tracking calorie burn, resting heart rate & heart rate zones during workouts. It can be charged quickly and the battery life lasts long. If she has been talking about a fitness tracker recently, then get this one. This is also water-resistant.

Nothing can be a better pick if you have a flexible budget.



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Mat Gifts 


#20 BalanceFromGoYoga All-Purpose Mat

An all-purpose, yoga mat is a good pick as well. Before one starts Zumba, one needs to warm up a bit, for which a yoga mat is required. Some people also like to end the classes with some basic exercises.

This mat with its decent thickness and the carrying strap is a great pick for your Zumba trainer. We are sure she would love it.

#1 Double-sided non-slip surface

#2 Great for workouts

#3 Prevent injuries

#4 Cushions sensitive areas



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Gift Cards; If You are Still Not Sure!


#21 Happy Gift Card

A gift card that would allow her to avail spa services is another thoughtful gift. She and her sore muscles would thank you for the selection! This is undoubtedly one of the most useful and best gifts for your Zumba Instructor.



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So these are our 21 picks for Zumba instructors. What do you think?

While picking the best gifts for Zumba instructors, we have made sure that all of them are practical and useful gifts. We have also provided ideas for all kinds of budget and we hope that you have liked our accumulation.


How to Select the Best Gifts for Zumba Instructors; Pro-Tips 

Do not be overconfident when it comes to gift selection, it is an art. To simplify it, here are some tips.

#1  Go for something thoughtful, which would connect him or her to his/her profession. Until and unless, he or she is your bestie, it is recommended that you don’t go for something too personal.

#2 Clothing works well and hence, we have included them in the list!

#3 Choose practical gifts that would be of use. Ditch the showpieces!

That’s all from our side. Happy gifting!

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