If someone near and dear to you just became a dad and you are looking for the best gifts for new dads at the hospital, you are at the right place. Our team has gone through all the available options online and choose the best 20 ideas for you.

This will not only save you from a lot of searching but will also make sure you do not go wrong in your selection.

Gifts for New Dads Must Live up to this Big Occasion in His Life

Nothing is more priceless than seeing a father shiver holding his baby for the first time. Nothing is more valuable than those tears which must have rolled down his cheeks when a father sees his baby for the very first time. It is an occasion where he has probably wanted to shout out loud and tell the world that he is now the father of the cutest and the most adorable baby.

Becoming a dad for the first time is an event of a lifetime and a moment like this must be celebrated. It is important that you as a friend, relative, colleague or an acquaintance congratulate a new dad for attaining a moment as precious as this one.

So, we have brought you 20 lovely gifts for new dads at the hospital, that are thoughtful and must-haves for them. Choose the perfect gift to give to a new dad and be a part of his euphoric moment.


Gifts for New Dads at Hospital; Top 20 List

Many of our team members have lived through this moment of joy and searched the net hard to come up with this awesome list. So, without delaying we will proceed with the list in no particular order.


#1 Baby Books for Fathers:

The man you know is entering fatherhood for the very first time and his mind is constantly full of questions and doubts. Therefore, a guide to being a father for the first year is a great way to help him walk through it all.

This baby manual for fathers will tell him what to do and what not to do as a new dad.


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#2 Baby Calm-Down Kit

A new dad is not really aware of what a task he’s getting into- well, a pleasant one though. So, a baby calms down kit is a must-have for all new dads and so you can go ahead and congratulate him on this one.

This baby calms down kit comes with a baby shusher and muslin swaddles. The baby shusher will calm down his baby and put him off to sleep whenever the parents are being unable to.


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#3 Baby Rest Sound Machine and Night Light

This technologically advanced machine produces a calming noise that soothes down a crying baby and puts him to sleep. The noise produced is a white noise which makes the babies feel that they are inside the womb.

This one, in particular, works as a night light too and can be controlled from your phone. This will encourage your baby to sleep better.



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#4 Baby Carriers

Nothing in this world can be more helpful than a baby carrier to a new dad. A first-time dad must have not yet mastered the art of holding a baby or even if he has it must get tiring for him holding the baby for so long.

Thus, a baby carrier is a great way to congratulate a new dad and especially if it is his first time around.



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#5 ‘Letters to My Baby’ Journal for the New Dads

It is typical of mothers to keep a record of each and every milestone her baby surpasses. Well, a dad can enjoy doing it to and I am sure he will.

After all, new dads have their own set of memories to capture and this ‘Letters to my Baby’ journal is perfect for him to record all of that. There’s nothing sweeter and special than this gift for new dads.



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#6 Unisex Diaper Bag

This one might seem a redundant idea for a gift but nothing can be more useful than a diaper bag to a new dad who is still getting accustomed to his new responsible role.

He might be a little fussy about carrying his wife’s bag, so a unisex diaper bag is a perfect gift for him. It is neither feminine nor masculine and thus is something which he’ll be comfortable carrying around wherever he goes with his little baby.



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#7 Electric Kettle

When there’s a new baby at home, the amount of housework and baby work never seems to end. Also, hot waters are a prerequisite for babies. Hence, gifting an electric kettle to a new dad is not only a useful gift to give but also a very thoughtful one.

It will keep the hot water handy to him all through the day- whether it is needed for sterilizing bottles or brewing a cup of hot coffee for his wife and himself.



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#8 Bottle Dryer

Bottle dryers are a thoughtful and useful gift to a new dad or new parents. Sterilizing bottles is a massive task and drying them quickly is even more difficult.

This bottle dryer made of repurposed wood holds plastic baby bottles and dries them off quickly without any extra hassle. This one is foldable too and can be stored neatly in a drawer and is very safe for kids and it is eco-friendly too.



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#9 Baby Strollers

If budget is no issue for you, then gifting a baby stroller is a great gift idea to consider. This will help the new dad to take his precious little baby out for a walk without having to carry him in his arms.

This will help the father bond with the child and also give the ever tired new mom to take her due rest too.


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#10 ‘Best Dad’ Parenting Book

This one is an indispensable survival manual for the men who are entering the trenches of fatherhood for the first time. This book guides new dads with tips and tricks to become the best dads ever they want to be.

It teaches and informs men with things that they really need to know about fatherhood. It is fun and quirky and new dads will love having a read at this.



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#11 Dad and Baby Matching Clothes

This one is the cutest gift idea we’ve come across which you can give to a new dad. It comes in a set of two- one ‘pint’ t-shirt for the new father and a ‘half-pint’ bodysuit for the baby.

It is made of premium quality cotton and is available in a variety of colors. This is an adorable matching clothing set for the dad who likes to take some time off with a beer glass in his hand. This is surely one of the cutest gifts for the new dad at the hospital.

This is surely one of the cutest gifts for new dads at hospital.



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#12 Photo Album and Journal

A new dad’s life is filled with memories and moments which are memorable and precious. This photo album and journal is a keepsake gift for him where he can capture all these moments and milestones of his baby’s life in this photo album and journal.

He can use this to pen down his thoughts too attached to every memory and keep it safe for him and his baby for their entire life.



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#13 Bluetooth Speakers

Life is super hectic for a new dad- and we all know that, isn’t it? He needs his time off and relaxation too.

So, gift him these portable Bluetooth speakers so he can let off his steam while he attends to the baby or even when he is trying to calm himself down. If he is a kind of dad who is into gadgets, then this gift will make him super happy.



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#14 Fitness Tracker

If the new dad is a fitness freak and likes to be in shape but is off it for quite some time now with the new baby coming, then a fitness tracker is a great way to motivate him to get back in the game.

This fitness tracker will help him to keep a record of his heart rate and the steps taken throughout the day and many more. Fitness tracker is truly one of the most thoughtful gifts for new dads at hospital.



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#15 Shaving Set

A new dad is always busy. He might even not have time for a clean shave in order to stay groomed. He does not have the time to pamper himself.

So a shaving set is a good idea to give a new dad to congratulate him on his special occasion of becoming a new father. He will be happy to receive this as a gift.


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#16 Humorous T-Shirts for New and Proud Dad

This humorous t-shirt with a funny quote ‘I make cute babies’ is a great way to congratulate a new dad in the hospital. It is made of great quality fabric and he’ll be happy to flaunt it while flaunting his cute baby. This one is funny and quirky and a great gift for a new dad after all.



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#17 Photo Frame with Poem Panel

A new daddy will have tears in his eyes to get a photo frame that has this cute poem attached to it on one of its sides. You can make this gift even more memorable by putting in a picture of the new dad with his baby and he’ll be happy all the more.

Congratulate him on this great gift on becoming a new dad and especially if its first time around.



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#18 New Dad Hand Painted Figurine

This hand-painted figurine communicates the sweetest gesture of becoming a new dad and the sentiment and emotion it encompasses.

The figurine will definitely be memorable to him all his life as it marks a great milestone in his life. This is an excellent gift to give to a new dad to congratulate him.



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#19 New Dad Keychain

This New Dad keychain is a special way to celebrate a man’s new life when he becomes a father. Congratulate him on this keychain which has a sentimental quote engraved on it, and he will be touched by your heartfelt gesture.



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#20 Diaper Duty Apron

This is a unique gift idea for a new dad to celebrate him of becoming a new father. Now that he has a lot of responsibilities, one of his biggest responsibility is to change the baby’s diaper.

So this apron will remind him of his duty and make his life easier while he gets on with changing the baby’s diaper. Quirky and fun, this will definitely be a great gift for a new dad.



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Becoming a father is a great feeling for any man and his heart is now brimming with emotions. You know he is going through a lot both physically and emotionally. So, go ahead and choose a great gift for a new dad and add to his happiness by congratulating him on his achievement as a new father.


How to Choose Gifts for New Dads at Hospital?

While choosing gifts for new had at the hospital you got to consider that it is one of the biggest events in his life and he is still in awe of this new feeling. So, your gifts must live up to what an occasion of this magnitude demands. It never means that you got to buy expensive gifts, but it means that you gift something that can withhold and celebrate his feelings.

You also got to understand that he still has a lot of work to finish at a hospital and hence whatever you gift should have handy and shouldn’t become baggage in itself. So to find gifts for new dads at the hospital always try to find items that can be carried easily.

In the end, we would like to say that always go for gifting the dad and not really the person you know. You haven’t seen him this side and so, probably it makes sense to gift the newborn dad in him. With every child, a new dad is born.


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