Choosing great gifts for children of any age is a difficult task in general. But getting great gifts for a 9-Year-Old Girl is even tougher. This age is very crucial for children and even more so for girls. This is because at this age they tend to discover more about themselves and tend to explore what they might like and what they might dislike.

Even though parents or older relatives still might look at them as a baby girl, but in fact, she is in that stage of her life where she might receive a gift and think it to be childish. This is the sole reason for which it is important that you know about her choices, likes, and dislikes before getting her a gift.

From clothing to accessories, from craft kits to board games we have it all compiled which your little girl is sure to love.

Here we go.


Gifts For 9 Year Old Girls: 20 Super Ideas



#1 Funky 9 Year Old’s T-Shirt

Made of premium and soft quality cotton, this cool and funky t-shirt is perfect for a gift to a nine-year-old little girl. It is available in a number of colors and sizes for you to choose from, so make sure which color she likes. She can even wear this on her special day and flaunt her age!


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#2 Baking Starter Set

This Baking Starter Set is a great gift for a nine-year-old girl if you think your little one enjoys herself helping you out in the kitchen. This set comes with a little apron and a cute baker’s hat and along with it more 33 pieces of baking tools, mixes, frosting, and decorations.

She can not only use this kit for make-believe baking but try her hand in some real baking too (but only under adult guidance). She will be definitely overjoyed to get a gift like this one.

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#3 Sleepover Party Board Games

If your little one enjoys having sleepover parties or having play gatherings with her friends, then this Sleepover Party Board Game will be the perfect gift for her. Not only your little girl, but her friends too will love this game.

It is an ideal board game for nine-year-old and above and requires a minimum of three players. It will surely keep the girls on their toes while keeping everyone laughing out loud.


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#4 Kids’ Waterproof Camera

If your little princess enjoys clicking or getting clicked, then this waterproof camera is the best gift you can give her. She can even take it with her on her adventure sprees with her friends and she will be more than excited to use her personal camera to capture anything or anyone she wants. And its waterproof feature means that she can take it underwater too! Lovely, eh?



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#5 Knee-High Animal Socks

These animal socks come in a set of six and they are all “oh so cute”. They come in cute cartoon animal print while keeping their soft feet and legs covered and warm.

Made of 85% cotton these socks are comfortable to wear and they come with no heel which means they will last her for years! They can team it up with any dress or costume and they are going to look at the cutest and the prettiest. And for parents, these socks are easy to wash too!



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#6 Travel Journal

If your little baby girl is fond of traveling or exploring new places then gift her this travel journal. Let her create her best-ever souvenir on the next adventure she is having with you exploring new whereabouts.

They can put down whatever catches their mind whether she is headed to her grandma’s or she is camping over the weekend or even if she is taking a summer vacation with you all.

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#7 Unicorn Hood Scarf

Choose from a variety of colors and let your little princess’s imagination run wild when you gift this Unicorn Hooded Hat Scarf to her. She is going to love it, believe it or not! She will be glad that now her favorite unicorn is keeping her all warm and cozy.

It teams up with any outfit and even comes with pockets on either side to keep her baby hands warm too!



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#8 Junior Cookbook

Now that she is nine years old, you very well know if she likes cooking or is interested in kitchen affairs. To encourage her, gift this junior cookbook to your 9-year-old little girl and let her experiment with simple cooking ideas. Let her sharpen her culinary skills from this age and eventually, she will pique her interest in cooking all the more.



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#9 Loomy Bands

Available in 26 different colors, these gloomy bands can be quite an interesting gift for your nine-year-old princess- whether she is keen on crafting or not. It comes with 12750pcs of rubber bands, 500 clips and 6 hooks.

They will simply love creating different items with these vibrant colorful bands and keep her on her toes all the time. The additional hooks and clips will also add the finishing touch to her creations.



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#10 Musical Jewellery Box

The Musical Jewellery Box is another great idea for a gift for your nine-year-old princess. This one is colorful and vibrant and the most interesting thing about it is that she will see a ballerina dancing to soft music.

Gifting her with this musical jewelry box will make sure that he keeps her jewelry organized, neat and tidy and most importantly in place.


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#11 The First Phone for Kids

We are pretty sure that your little baby girl is cribbing for personal mobile phones and you are just not ready to give her that at this age. Well, we have a better kid-friendly option for you to calm her down.

This First Phone for Kids allows her to have more agencies with her friends without an addictive screen or unlimited internet access. This is a safe option for you and the baby girl is going to love it for sure. And it is available in a variety of colors too for her to choose from.



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#12 Ultimate Beading Studio

With over 2600 beads, jump rings, waxed and elastic cords and much more let your nine-year-old creativity run wild. Very safe and child-friendly this Ultimate Beading Studio will help her develop real-world skills by creating fashionable necklaces, earrings, headbands and bracelets out of them.

This is a great gift idea for a nine-year-old baby girl who will flaunt her creations like there’s no tomorrow!


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#13 120 Piece Art Set

Does your nine-year-old baby girl love to express herself through drawing? If yes, then what can be a better gift than this 120 piece art set? It comes with a wide range of drawing supplies starting from crayons to sketch pens, from paints to pens.

It is brilliantly packaged in a carry case which will be extremely easy for her to carry around wherever she goes!



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#14 Starter Crochet Kit

Crochets are no longer an adult business now. Even kids can try their hands on it with this starter crochet kit which is extremely easy-to-do. Your nine-year-old baby can now make her own scarfs and beanies and she will simply love to experiment with her hands on this.

The box comes with two crochet hooks, seven different colors of yarn, and a plastic needle. It is absolutely kid-friendly and you need not worry about that!



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#15 Fashion Design Kit

You will rarely find any nine-year-old girl not interested in fashion designing. She always loves to dress up her dolls in her own sense of style, doesn’t she? Then why not encourage her interest in fashion designing with this fashion design kit! With this kit, even adults can join in with the children and together they can get creative.



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#16 Personalized Rubber Stamp

Strangely children love rubber stamps. In that case, imagine how excited your nine years old will be to get this personalized rubber stamp as a gift. With this, she gets to practice her crafts and label her belongings in a fun and interesting way! Personalize her name on this rubber stamp and let her claim on anything and everything in the house.



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#17 Spa Gift Set

You love your spa day, don’t you? Then why wouldn’t your little one do too? Gift this super-cute spa gift set and watch her relax and cool off with it! It is super fun for them to act like adults and its super fun for you too- to watch them act like adults! This is indeed a great gift idea for a nine-year-old baby girl.



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#18 Mini Basketball Hoop

If your nine-year-old baby girl is one hell of an athlete, then you can go ahead and safely gift this over the door basketball hoop to her. It can be easily fixed and adjusted to different heights however and wherever she wants to. Now she can practice her hoops all day long and be the best in it!



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#19 Scented Washable Markers

The scented washable markers are an ideal gift for a nine-year-old girl. This set comes in 12 different colors and it will surely keep her busy all day long. They are wide and easy to hold and absolutely non-toxic. Each pen comes with a different scent which is going to encourage them to bring out their creativity.



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#20 Giant Rocket Balloon Set

This giant rocket balloon set consists of 85 pieces and is a great gift for a little girl who has just turned nine. Once these balloons are inflated, they are 40 inches in length and that is massive for any nine years old. The balloons come in different colors and are absolutely kid-friendly. And inflating them is super easy and quick.



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With this compiled list of gifts, we hope we’ve been able to make your choice slightly easier especially when it comes to choosing gifts for a 9 year old Girl

Funny gifts, creative gifts, light-hearted gifts no matter what you choose will be definitely unique for them- just make sure to know their taste! Half of your battle is won there! So get choosing!


How To Choose Gifts For 9 Year Old Girls

First and foremost, what you need to do is narrow down on her interests rather than keeping it very general. This will not only help you to get the perfect gift for the little girl but will also make a mark in the little girl’s heart and make it memorable all the more.

The next thing will be to get into her shoes and try to think about what she may long for. If you find that is a different question to answer you should try to guess, what will create a wow effect in her. After all, she is still a kid and the thrill of a wow gift will surely win brownies for you.

To make it much simpler, our experienced team has pulled in all their collective wisdom to bring forward the 20 best gifts for a 9-year-old girl.

We believe, we have streamlined quite a number of choices for you from which you will find the perfect gift for the nine-year-old princess.

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