Doesn’t it feel like you have started dating him just yesterday? But here you are, together and so in love for the past 15 years! 15 years’ anniversary is special because it is surely a milestone that needs to be celebrated. You have after all been with each other through thick and thin. And as you may know already, crystal is the theme of 15th anniversary and thus, you should get a crystal gifts for him.

But yes, that doesn’t mean that crystal gifts are just limited to 15th anniversaries. You can get them at any given point of time because your love for him is as sparkling and clear as a crystal.

It symbolizes purity and the value of your relationship. And trust us, your husband or partner will love a crystal gift because they are so beautiful.


Our Quest to Find You The Best Crystal Anniversary Gifts for Him

With millions of options available online, it is often quite overwhelming to find the best one for your person. Unless you love window shopping on online stores and have a lot of time at hand, it is quite often a task where you end up wasting a lot of time.

So, we decided to make things for you by finding the best options available online.

Research with 200 Men

To figure out the top 20 we did a small yet very interesting study. We went to 200 men who are having their 20th anniversary that week. We asked them if they can remember what their loved ones gifted them on their 15th or crystal anniversary.

You will be surprised to know a lot of them do not even remember what they got as their crystal anniversary gift. From those who remember we, asked them to rate those on a scale of 1-10.

We did this to make sure we get two things to find the best ones

1# Gifts that were remembered even after 5 years of receiving

2# Also, the ones which were highly liked.

This is the way we got to this top list. Here we go with those best 20, not in any particular order.



Crystal Anniversary Gifts for Him: 20 Best Ideas

While you go through these, be sure that they will be remembered and loved. Moreover, they are all in budgets and you do not have to worry about digging a hole in your pockets. So, go ahead and take your pick.


#1 Elegant Cufflinks

Who doesn’t like it when her man looks all dapper?! And what could spruce up his attire in a better way than this pair of stunning crystal cufflinks? He can wear them to work, to parties and to corporate meets. The big round Swarovski crystal will sparkle and demand attention, making him the showstopper wherever he goes.



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#2 A beautiful red crystal ring

Yes, you read that right and trust us, you can never go wrong with this one. As we all know, the colour red signifies love, passion, fire, etc. A red crystal ring would look stunning on your man. This one is a biker ring, which adds more to its appeal.

It is comfortable to wear and will won’t catch rust.




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#3 Crystal rock salt lamp

If you want to pick an off-beat one, then go for this crystal pink salt lamp, which he can use in his study, in his office, etc. It can also be used as a nightstand. He can turn it on while meditating or doing yoga. It comes in a pretty gift box, ready for gifting to the man of your life! It is reasonable in the pockets as well. Check out now.


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#4 Fengshui Crystal Ball

This absolutely gorgeous paperweight is useful and would jazz up his office desk in no time. The optically clear crystal adds to the awesomeness. It looks way better than the ordinary ones available in the market. Get this Fengshui Crystal Ball Paperweight for this anniversary.




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#5 Seven Chakra Pyramid

If he is a very spiritual person, then this reiki charged healing chakra with clear crystal gemstone should be your pick. He would be so thankful to you for choosing this wonderful gift. People these days lead stressful and busy lives and thus, we need something that will heal us and soothe us.

It will take care of him, boost his spirit, imbibe optimism, provides an energetic balance, etc. If you have recently noticed that he is stressed, then this is the perfect pick. It will also show how much you love and care for him.


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#6 Crystal Sailboat

If your man is in the ship, then you can obviously get this luxurious crystal sailboat figurine. We bet that your man will be elated! Check out the details now.



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#7 Crystal Clock

This extravagant, super crystal clock is what you need to get for your dear hubby! He will love it and would love to showcase it. Crystal has a very classic and timeless look and feels to it, just like your love for him. This will adorn his desk and he will remember you every time he checks the time.

This is a great showpiece and this will keep reminding you both about your crystal anniversary. To our experience, this is one of the best crystal anniversary gifts for him.


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#8 Picture Frame

Picture frames never fail as a gift and they definitely don’t go out of style. So you can also opt for this classic and beautiful picture frame. The silver glitter adds to its awesomeness. To add some warmth and personalization, you can actually gift it after attaching an adorable picture of both of you.

The photo frame is handmade and looks beautiful. This comes in a set so you can either gift him the entire set or keep a couple for yourself and use them for decorating your bedroom.



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#9 Seven-Piece Decanter Set

This sophisticated and elegant whiskey decanter set will lift his mood up instantly. He will be so proud to own it! It comes in an exclusive and gorgeous gift box and he can enjoy his fav Irish whiskey, bourbon, blends, cocktails, etc. with his friends in them.

He can take them out when guests come over or when you are having a get together at your place, etc. For further information, you can click on the link given below.


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#10 Crystal “Eagle” Figurine

You can also get this out-of-the-box eagle figurine for him. The eagle figurine is also believed to bring success to the professional aspect. It also signifies leadership, strength, etc.

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#11 Crystal Handle Letter Opener

Go for this premium letter opener with a real crystal handle. It comes in this luxurious gift box as well. The diamond-style grip adds much wow! To add to the awesomeness, why don’t you actually post some letters to him?


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#12 Crystal LED Chinese Dragon Ball

This one looks so cool! The crystal LED Chinese dragon ball might not fulfil his wishes, but yes, it will definitely add some spark to his room. However, it is believed that it brings in good fortune.



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#13 Martini Chillers

These martini chillers surely make it to the top of our list. Now he will not complain about his “not that chilled” beer. What more? It is lead-free as well.



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#14 Personalized Heart Shaped Crystal Award

Something for the award-winning husband or boyfriend! This crystal award can be customized with your names and trust us, he will be really impressed by your choice. It is durable and can be cherished for a lifetime. And “The husband of the year goes to.

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#15 Crystal Neckpiece

This stunning, gender-neutral necklace is another thing you can pick to keep the negative energy at bay. It comes with copper metal shavings. It is reiki charged by a certified expert and thus, would surely keep your love safe.

This is trendy and makes for a great crystal anniversary gifts for him.

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#16 Champagne Flutes

Made of lead-free exquisite crystal, these champagne flutes are to die for. They look excellent and make a very elegant gift for anniversaries. If your husband likes to pop a bottle at every occasion, this might be the gift you want to pick.

The slender stem is extremely impressive. The glasses are shaped and hand-blown by experts by using the best traditional methods.


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#17 Heavy Base Shot Glass Set

These gorgeous shot glasses are perfect for having whiskey, tequila, etc. It will be a very stylish addition to his collection.


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#18 Gift Set For Him

If you are looking for an impressive gift set, then the gift of this stone set with two stunning and old-fashioned whiskey glasses is what you should go for. The rocks will ensure that his fine whiskey tastes great till the last sip. The set comes in a rustic wooden box, making it perfect for gifting.


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#19 3D Crystal Ball With Solar System

If he has a thing for the solar system or if he is an astronaut or a physics teacher, then this LED lamp base with a solar system will fascinate him. Since you love him to the universe and back!

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#20 Crystal Tea Light

This ravishing crystal candle holder is a great gift for your anniversary. It comes with LED copper wire string light and would reflect your sophisticated taste. It is so sparkling and beautiful, just like your love. To know further details, you can click on the link below.


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So here is our list of top 20 crystal gifts that you can get for your hubby, partner, fiancé, etc. Trust us, he will love it and would fall in love with you, all over again. Crystals are a very traditional gift, which also reflects the purity of your love.

They are stunning and really make a great gift.

Crystal Anniversary Gifts for Him; Buying Guide and Concluding Thoughts 

You got the first point, buy crystal gifts. Secondly, get into his shoes and try to think about what gift will make him happy. However, no matter what you pick, make sure that they are thoughtful.

Now how to find those thoughtful crystal anniversary gifts? Follow these 4 Pro-Tips

1# Go for the thing that is his passion. A whiskey glass set makes a better gift than a crystal lamp shed. Now you know what we are talking about.

2# Go for gifts that he can flaunt. You agree or not, he loves to flaunt the care and love you provide among his circle. So, a cufflink or watch works great.

3# Elements of surprise works like magic. Do not leave any chance to bring back some witty fun in your gifting.

4# In the end, do not forget to express your love and care through ur gifts. This is something that is kind of a holy grail. If love shows nothing else matters so much.

A relationship works when you put in little effort and remind the love of your life how much you love him! This is the reason why you should shower him with presents often. And why just an anniversary gift? We have so many other options as well.

No matter what the occasion is, we have got you covered with the most exquisite items. Check them out now!

Anyways, we hope you liked our selection. If you have any questions or suggestions for us, please feel free to comment below. We will be more than happy to help you out.


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